Gather & Graze: A Night of Learning and Collaboration

Our Bexley service recently hosted an enriching professional development workshop led by psychologist Marina Bailey, titled ‘Supporting Children’s Behaviour’. This event was a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration not only within our own community but also across neighbouring early learning centres such as Peakhurst Early Learning Centre and My Little Sunshine in Penshurst.

The workshop centred on empowering educators with the necessary skills and strategies to effectively manage challenging behaviours in young children. Marina Bailey, with her deep insights and expertise, provided invaluable guidance on creating nurturing and inclusive learning environments. It was a session filled with practical advice and inspiring discussions that left everyone motivated and equipped with new tools for their classrooms. The evening was not just about professional development; it was a celebration of community and shared dedication to early childhood education. As educators mingled and exchanged ideas, it was clear that everyone present was passionate about their role in shaping young minds and creating positive learning experiences.

To add to the evening’s warmth, each participant enjoyed personalized charcuterie boxes and freshly baked lemon muffins, complemented by thoughtful sensory bottle gifts designed to enhance classroom activities. These touches made the event not only educational but also a delightful culinary experience.

Looking forward, we are excited to announce Part 2 of this workshop series, scheduled for August, which will delve deeper into supporting children in distress. We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with neighboring early learning services, united by our commitment to ongoing professional growth and the shared goal of providing the highest quality early childhood education.

At our core, we believe that by working together and learning from each other, we can create a supportive community where educators thrive and children flourish. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey of learning and collaboration, aiming to make a lasting impact on early childhood education in our community and beyond.