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“Through our services, my goal has always been to replicate my early childhood experience, and to ensure that the children look back at their early years as I do, as some of my best lifelong memories.”

~ Neisha

Neisha Pitt

Stepping Stones Early Learning Centres proudly stand as Australian-owned and operated care services. Our Approved Provider, Neisha Pitt, brings over two decades of expertise in early childhood education, backed by a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education. Neisha’s rich background includes extensive experience in privately owned centres along with working for the Sutherland shire council in many of their 12 centres.

You might recognise Neisha’s name from her victory on the 2010 Channel 9 hit TV series, THE BLOCK, alongside her husband John. During this time, Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre and its children were featured on the show, creating unforgettable memories for all involved.

Neisha’s journey began in 1995, evolving into the establishment of Stepping Stones Early Learning Centre in Bexley in 2007. Her vision was to create a nurturing environment where children and families feel welcome, safe, and supported. With her qualifications and industry experience, Neisha guides staff members on their own learning journeys as qualified educators.

In 2018, Stepping Stones expanded with the acquisition of Stepping Stones Early Learning in Kirrawee. This expansion facilitated the formation of a management team, ensuring best practices, professional development for educators, holistic educational programs, community engagement, and cohesive service delivery.

As the Approved Provider, Neisha is dedicated to the safety and well-being of the Stepping Stones family – children, families, and staff alike. Together with her team, Neisha is committed to guiding families through their children’s early years, one Stepping Stone at a time.