Stepping Stones Philosophy

What our community believes in

At Stepping Stones our core values and beliefs are deeply embedded in our commitment to inspiring children to thrive; empowering them and enabling them to become active and responsible contributors to society. Stepping Stones Early Learning Centres embrace the mind, body and spirit of every child.


  • “We are committed to facilitating and nurturing the relationships the children have with others, with place, with things and with themselves.”
  • “We believe all children have a voice and we respect and celebrate their creative ways of thinking, of seeing and of doing.”
  • “We believe that community connections play an invaluable role in children’s education and care.”
  • “We understand that inclusive practice is immersed in values of mutual respect, understanding and kindness.”
  • “We are dedicated to consistently and proactively engaging families in their children’s learning and holistic development.”


  • “We support our children in their development of autonomy and independence.”
  • “We believe in the extraordinary potentials of children and the importance of providing children with a hundred languages’ to share their thinking of the world around them.”
  • “We strive to build confidence in our service, ensuring both children and families feel safe and secure, with opportunities to reach their full potential.”
  • “We make use of existing connections within our service, utilising the skills and talents of our immediate influences to provide genuine engagement.”
  • “We empower children to work together whilst honouring each child’s unique voice.”


  • “We recognise and value children’s uniqueness, individuality and rights.”
  • “We nurture a positive sense of self and encourage children to develop a cultivated community presence with the capacity to thrive on diversity and celebrate difference.”
  • “We empower and respect parents and guardians, recognizing them as key in their child’s learning”
  • “We honour the original custodians of our shared land, valuing their wisdom in our practices.”
  • “We integrate our school preparation program efficiently and tailor it to each child’s needs, fostering impactful learning.”