84 Glenfarne St, Bexley NSW 2234
6 weeks to 6 Years
7.30am – 6pm
Monday to Friday
51 weeks a year
We believe in creating environments that
every child to persue a sense of wonder. We are guided by the children to investigate portals of discovery, suported by a culture of sustainability , connectedness and inclusion.

All four of my children went through this centre. We were there for 10 years and all of my kids absolutely loved and adored their time there. Neisha is the most incredible dedicated, passionate and creative early childhood educator there is. Her staff are amazing and passionate too. All my kids hold this place very dear to their hearts. Not once did they not want to go in all those years. Even now they’ve all grown they still talk about their time there with the biggest smiles and happiest memories. They still get excited to go back and visit. Forever grateful my kids had such a positive start to learning.