Stepping Stones Bexley


Operating Hours

We are open 7:30AM to 6:00PM
Monday to Friday

Stepping Stones Bexley is a long day care service that caters for children 0-6 years.
The service is open 50 weeks a year and is closed for public holidays.


Stepping Stones Early Learning Centres are excited to welcome new families and children within our centre. To apply, please complete our online Waiting List Form. We look forward to supporting your family’s journey through early childhood one Stepping Stone at a time.

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This week, we proudly congratulate our wonderful Services Manager, Adriana, on her 10-year anniversary with Stepping Stones. What a milestone!

We are incredibly fortunate to have you leading our Bexley and Kirrawee teams. Your dedication, passion, and knowledge have shaped the exceptional service we are today. Over the past decade, you have touched the lives of countless children, families, and educators, leaving a lasting impact on everyone you encounter. 

Your unwavering commitment to excellence and your ability to inspire those around you make us truly grateful. We are better for having you, and we look forward to many more years of your leadership and vision ❤️
SS Philosophy - “The children themselves, their families, our educators and the wider community each have an integral role in shaping and strengthening the quality of our service”.

It was such a great opportunity to meet Blaga, Margaret, and their team @peakhurstearlylearningcentre_ today. Over a lovely cuppa and home made treats, we embarked on a journey of reflection, sharing assessment and rating experiences, and paving the way for future collaborations. #CollaborativePartnership #communitysupportingcommunity #ReflectAndGrow 🌱
Grateful for the opportunity to share one of our cherished Stepping Stones stories with our amazing community. 💫 #sutherlandshire #Community
SS Philosophy “Our service environment is reflective of each and every child, their families and our community. The children’s interests, cultures, skills and abilities provide the foundation of our daily practice and influence all curriculum decisions made in regard to their cycle of learning”. 
Today we celebrate Chinese New Year. On this day, people around the globe celebrate with community carnivals, family gatherings, parades, traditional food, fireworks and other festivities. Our educational program has seen to the children being very  busy creating items all week for today’s afternoon tea festivities. Wishing all our children, families and community a very happy new year, and hope luck for the year ahead. #happychinesenewyear2024🐲
In 2018 Stepping Stones, Bexley started a tradition of gift giving for the children and families of Phoebe House. The past few years our service at Kirrawee, joined and helped support this very special tradition.

Phoebe House is a rehabilitation service which facilitates an on-going, on-site residential rehabilitation service for women and children in a safe home environment. This unique safe haven offers services that assist women to attain personal goals, parenting skills and independent living skills, relevant to re-entering the broader community. For over 30 years Phoebe House has been committed to empowering women to rebuild their lives, so as mothers, they are equipped with the parenting skills which assist them to provide the best outcome for their children.

We invited our families in the spirit of giving, to help make Christmas that little bit more special for the mothers and children at Phoebe House. Many of our very generous families did just that, families purchased gifts, hand made cards and an individual bag of gifts were created for each child residing at Phoebe house. Today due to the massive amount of gifts collected, we filled up our cars and delivered all the gifts to the wonderful families staying at Phoebe House.

A special thank you to all our amazing families for giving the true gift of Christmas. This year’s children of Phoebe House are very blessed indeed.
It really is the most wonderful time of the year. A time to stop and reflect on 2023 as a whole team, and realise that together we achieved exceeding ratings for both our Bexley and Kirrawee centres. Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work each and every day that lead us to today. A day to celebrate our achievements with amazing food, great atmosphere and very very passionate and hardworking educators.