Stepping Stones Kirrawee


Operating Hours

We are open 7:00AM to 6:00PM
Monday to Friday

Stepping Stones Kirrawee is a long day care service that caters for children 0-6 years. The service is open 50 weeks a year and is closed for public holidays.


Stepping Stones Early Learning Centres are excited to welcome new families and children within our centre. To apply, please complete our online Waiting List Form. We look forward to supporting your family’s journey through early childhood one Stepping Stone at a time.

See What’s Happening at Stepping Stones Kirrawee

At SS we hold what we call “Wellness Wednesday,” dedicated to nurturing the mental and emotional health of our educators and staff. Yesterday’s Wellness Wednesday was particularly special as we focused on promoting gratitude and camaraderie among our team.

As part of this initiative, we created gratitude jars for our educators. These jars serve as a platform for team members to express their appreciation and admiration for each other by sharing uplifting messages. It’s been heartwarming to see our staff celebrate one another’s strengths and achievements in this way.

We believe that supporting the wellbeing of our educators directly contributes to a positive and nurturing environment for your children. By fostering a culture of gratitude and providing moments of relaxation and enjoyment, we aim to enhance both the professional and personal lives of our dedicated team.
This week, we proudly congratulate our wonderful Services Manager, Adriana, on her 10-year anniversary with Stepping Stones. What a milestone!

We are incredibly fortunate to have you leading our Bexley and Kirrawee teams. Your dedication, passion, and knowledge have shaped the exceptional service we are today. Over the past decade, you have touched the lives of countless children, families, and educators, leaving a lasting impact on everyone you encounter. 

Your unwavering commitment to excellence and your ability to inspire those around you make us truly grateful. We are better for having you, and we look forward to many more years of your leadership and vision ❤️
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We were thrilled to share our space this week with the wonderful team from @peakhurstearlylearningcentre_! Looking forward to many future collaborations and exciting projects together. #Collaboration #EarlyLearning #Community
SS Philosophy - “The children themselves, their families, our educators and the wider community each have an integral role in shaping and strengthening the quality of our service”.

It was such a great opportunity to meet Blaga, Margaret, and their team peakhurstearlylearningcentre_ today. Over a lovely cuppa and home made treats, we embarked on a journey of reflection, sharing assessment and rating experiences, and paving the way for future collaborations. #CollaborativePartnership #communitysupportingcommunity #ReflectAndGrow 🌱
Grateful for the opportunity to share one of our cherished Stepping Stones stories with our amazing community. 💫 #sutherlandshire #Community