Prepare for School
to be Inspired to Thrive to Become

We take into consideration that children learn in different ways and tailor our program to suit each individual child’s needs. 

Learning should be a positive experience and is viewed to be ongoing as children progress towards the Learning Outcomes in different yet equally meaningful ways.

Ample Opportunities

Our preparation for school program is designed and implemented to ensure each child has a smooth transition to the school environment.

Our program provides children with ample opportunities to shape their evolving knowledge, skills and capabilities. Our program is reflective of and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Government Education ‘Preparing your Child’ document.

Strengthen Skills

This year has seen the addition of the Dyaramak Garage to create a quiet environment for children to work in smaller groups and to support and strengthen the development of these skills.While this creates an intimate learning space, the Preparation for School program is not limited there.

Attached is a guideline that outlines the different ares within the service and the skills that be acquired within those areas. This guideline has been guided by ‘Preparing your Child’ document and outlines the recommended skills for children to achieve before starting formal schooling. 

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