Practice and Learn
to be Inspired to Thrive to Become
RE-TELL Curriculum

We build on childre´s current knowledge, ideas,culture and abilities through our RE-TELL Curriculum and our Munch and Move inspired program. At stepping Stones Early Learning Center we plan,document and review our curriculum effectively through our Learning Cycle.

This is evident as we collaboratively work towards developmental goals supplied by the families, displayed upon entering our service. These individual child-centered goals create the foundation of our curriculum and allow ongoing growth and support for each child and their family.


At Stepping Stones Early Learning Center our aim is to support children and their families in a setting that enables learning and teaching in a safe, caring environment that is play-based and centred around the childre´s individual needs and interests.

Yellamundie Journal

Each child’s development is documented in their own journal that is located in our entry foyer. This location allows fro parents and family to view and add comments,feedback and contents to their child’s Yellamundie Journal at their convenience.

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We would love helping your child to grow, learn and enjoy dicovering new adverdures every day. Lets Join to our family of amazing little legends and wonderful staff!